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How to see application usage using SNOW

This guide explains how view application usage in SNOW

This guide explains how view application usage in SNOW.

This guide is aimed at...

  • IT Administrators

Before you start...

You will need a SNOW userid, to access this product (this is not your UCL userID).

Chrome is not recommended for adding agreement in SNOW.


1. When you log into SNOW you will arrive on the Home page showing either a default (Snowboard) or custom dashboard (if created).

SNOW Homepage…

Fig 1- SNOW Dashboard

2. Click on Applications, List all Applications.

Snow Application List all…

Fig 2 - Add Applications

3.Search for your application in this instance we searched for Office 2013 Professional Plus and click on the product.

Application search…

Fig 3 - Application Search Screen

4. In application you can look at the following:

  • Allocation this will show you usage and licence allocation by department.
  • Computer - this will show you all the computers the software is installed and usage.
  • Users - this will show you all the users that use the software and usage.
  • Bundle Content - As this is bundle of products this tabs lists all the software that makes up the software.

Application Form…

Fig 4 - Application Form

5. To see statistics click on Show statistics and you can choose three different graphs.

  • Yearly Overview per month

    Application Stats…
  • Compliance Statistics
  • Usage per hour and users per day

Application Graphs…

6. In the allocation tab in will show you where a licence is required, the number of licenses and if the application is compliant by department.

Application Allocation…

Fig 5 - Allocation Tab

7.If the application is a bundle of other products you will see a Bundle tab and this will show you the applications that make up the bundle and which installs have been included in the bundle.

Application Bundles…

Fig 6 -Application Bundle Tab

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