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How to copy on a Print@UCL device

This guide will take you through the steps required to photocopy using a Print@UCL device.

This guide is aimed at...

  • Staff
  • Students
  • Visitors
  • IT Administrators
  • SLMS staff
  • Researchers

Before you start...


1. At the device tap your UCL ID card on the reader.

Print @ UCL card reader…

Fig 1. UCL ID Card reader

2. You will be presented with the following menu options:

  • Copy
  • Email
  • Pull Print

Select Copy

Xerox Menu Options…

Fig 2. Xerox printer menu options

3.  Place document face up on the document feeder.

Xerox Document Feeder…

Fig 3. Xerox document feeder

Output settings

You will see various features such as enlarge/reduce, paper supply, 2 sided copying and copy output.  Choose the option you need by touching the relevant button and selecting the required size, orientation or some other feature.

Xerox Output Options…

Fig 4. Xerox output options

The defaults for copying are as follows

  • Black & White
  • Single sided
  • 300 dpi resolution

To change any of these features, see below

Change copy output settings

Change output colour, paper supply type, paper sides and stapling

Change output colour, paper supply type, paper sides and stapling…

Layout adjustment

Layout adjustment…

4. Click OK after each selection made.

5. When you have made all of your selections, click on the Start Copy button (next to the Home button in the top left hand corner).

Start Copy Button…

Your document will then be copied and printed.

If you have finished, remember to log out! Either tap your card again or hit the button with a diagram of a key that is lit up in green on the top right hand area, followed by the log out button on the display area.

You don't have to wait until your job is finished to sign out. You can do so as soon as you have released your job if you wish.

Help & Support

For further help and assistance you will need to contact the IT Services.


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