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How to activate Windows and Office on site

This guide allows you to activate Windows and Office within UCL (on site) without requiring a license key.

Please note: If your machine is disconnected from UCL's network or has been off site for more than six months, please contact the ISD IT Supplier and Management team.

This guide is aimed at...

  • IT Administrators
  • Staff

Before you start...

  • You have Windows/Office downloaded from UCL's Software Database
  • You must configure the IP address for your machine (you should already have an IP address if you downloaded this software from within UCL – if not please contact your Local Departmental Administrator/rep)
  • If Windows or Office does not activate automatically then download this zip file and run the KMS-support.cmd file (if you get a warning from SmartScreen, click More Info and Run anyway) and send the results file to KMS-Support


1. Once you have obtained the DNS hostname suffix for your department, Open System Properties by one of the following ways:

  • Right-click Windows Logo/Start Menu > System [only on Windows 10]
  • Windows Logo key + Break key
  • Right-click My Computer/This PC > Properties
  • Control panel > System and Security> System

Right-click Windows Logo…

Fig 1a. Right-click Windows Logo [Windows 10 only]

Right click My Computer…

Fig 1b. Right-click My Computer

2. On the About section, on the right-hand side, under Related settings, click Advance system settings

Win 10 advanced system settings

Fig 2. Win 10 About Screen

3. Click on the Computer Name tab, click Change

To rename this computer…

Fig 3. System Properties window

4. Click More

Computer Name-Domain changes…

Fig 4. Computer Name/Domain changes

5. Enter the appropriate Primary DNS suffix in the text box and click OK. (if you are unsure of this please contact your Departmental Network Administrator).

DNS Suffix and NetBIOS Computer Name…

Fig 5. DNS Suffix and NetBIOS Computer Name

6. You will be prompted to restart your machine

Restart now…

Fig 6. Restart popup box

7.  When the system has restarted, open the System control panel again and click ‘Activate Windows now

Activate Windows now…

Fig 7. Activate Windows now [Windows 10]

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