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Generic or Shared Role Account

A role account is a generic user ID assigned for one specific role that can be used by more than one person.

If you wish to use a role account for email collaboration, you should use a shared mailbox.

Guidelines for using generic/role accounts

  1. The Account will have to have an owner. The registered account owner for these accounts will be responsible for any issues relating to security breaches etc. for the accounts
  2. The owner must ensure that all users abide by the UCL Computing Regulations.
  3. Role accounts can only be used by one person at a time.
  4. Only one person should know the password at any given time.
  5. If you provide anyone with role accounts the password must be reset after the person has finished with the account.
  6. The owner must keep a record of who is using this role account during what periods as this is a policy set by UCL and JANET.
  7. Actions carried out by an individual on information should be capable of being traced back to that individual.
  8. Role accounts must not be used for personal email or file storage
  9. Due to account auditing purposes the use of this account must be reviewed annually by the owner of each account to see if this role account is needed and what it is needed for. If this role account is no longer needed this information must be relayed back to User Services by filling in the self-service form so this role account can be closed.
  10. Role accounts will have access to an email address, N:\ drive storage, Desktop @ UCL and eduroam.
  11. Role accounts do not have access to Print @ UCL and library services.

Please note User Services and the Information Security Team reserve the right to revoke access to any account which maybe in breach of UCL Computing Regulations or JANET policy on acceptable use.


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