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Drupal CMS: Request and create feeds

Learn to request and create feeds in Drupal.

Request for a feed to be set up

    Digital Presence must first set up the feeds in the back end!

    To request a feed email web-support@ucl.ac.uk and provide the following information:

    • Site name: e.g. Human Resources
    • URL: e.g. /human-resources
    • Content Type: e.g. News
    • Tags: e.g. retirement, pensions, leaving UCL
    • Tag Filtering (if you need it):
      • Would you like all tags to merged in to one feed?
      • Would you like separate feeds for each filtered view? e.g. Subject = Staff - here you would only see items with the items with the subject tag 'staff'
      • Would you like to exclude any particular tags? e.g. 'student'
    • Which other sites would you like to pull feeds from (if you want to) please list URLs:*

    * Note - This allows you to pull in feed content from other UCL sites. At present you can only combine feeds from sites that are in the same faculty as your site.

    For RSS feeds, send the URL of the blog to web-support@ucl.ac.uk

    Adding a feed widget to any page

    Editors can put two different types of feed widgets into any page with a text editor. The widget typically displays five items with a link to the 'view all' page.
    To add a 'view all' page, see further below.

    1. UCL content feeds: these are feeds of dynamic content (news, events, case studies) from Drupal.
      How to add a content feed
    2. RSS feeds: these are RSS feeds from other platforms (e.g. WordPress) 
      How to add a blog feed

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