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Desktop@UCL for staff: How to install applications on a UCL built machine

How to install applications on a Desktop @ UCL machine onsite or off site.

This guide is aimed at

  • Staff

Before you start...

You will require a Desktop @ UCL machine (PC or laptop) connected to the UCL network.

Important: You will only be able install applications onsite using a wired connection.


Onsite using Software Centre

If you are working onsite from a Desktop @ UCL machine, you can access Software Centre to find applications available for installation on your machine:

1. Go to your Start menu

2. Click on Microsoft System Centre

3. Click on Software Centre

Fig 1. Software centre available applications

4. A list of available software will be displayed

5. Find the application you want to install, click to select

6. Click on Install

SCCM Software Centre Install Button…

Fig 2. Software Centre, application install button

7. Click on the installation status tab. The application status should read "Installed" when complete

*Please note that some apps may fail to download due to licence restrictions. If this happens, you will need to request access from the ISD IT Supplier and Asset Management Team.

Offsite using the Desktop @ UCL Anywhere StoreFront

If you are working offsite, you will need to use Desktop @ UCL Anywhere to see the apps you would like access. 

Our Desktop @ UCL Anywhere pages have detailed information on using Desktop @ UCL Anywhere to access applications.

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Help & Support

For further help and assistance you will need to contact the IT Services.


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