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Desktop @ UCL Anywhere: Using the Citrix StoreFront

Once you have logged into Desktop @ UCL Anywhere, after entering your credentials on the login screen, the first page you land at is the Citrix StoreFront.

This guide is aimed at...

  • Students
  • Staff

Before you start...

You should have logged into Desktop @ UCL Anywhere


When you initially arrive on the StoreFront you are presented with three tabs - 'Favorites', 'Desktops' and 'Apps'.

Favourites (default view) – The 'UCL Desktop Anywhere' icon is published as a default application to this view. You can add additional applications and desktops (if available) to this view as required.

Fig 1- Citrix StoreFront Favorites tab

· Desktops – Published desktops (in general only one is available)

Fig 2 - Citrix StoreFront Desktops tab

· Apps – Individual applications can be launched via the StoreFront which is ideal for mobile / tablet devices. Individual applications can also be added the favorites view.

Fig 3 - Citrix StoreFront Apps tab

Using Favorites

1. To add desktops and/or applications to your Favourites view click Details

Adding a favourite…

Fig 4 - Adding a favorite

2. Then click on Add to Favorites

Fig 5 - Add to Favorites

How do I choose when to use Desktop or when to use Apps?

If you are using Desktop @ UCL Anywhere from a PC or Mac regularly then it is generally easier to use a Desktop rather than launching individual apps from the StoreFront, as you have a familiar look and feel.

If you are using a mobile or tablet device then launching individual apps via the StoreFront will provide and better experience, you can open / save documents from the application’s menu as normal.

However it is a personal choice and we encourage you to try both options.

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