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Connecting to UCLGuest Wi-Fi using a Conference Event Code

This guide explains how to connect to the UCLGuest Wi-Fi service for conference visitors to UCL.

This guide is aimed at...

  • Visitors

As an external visitor, your conference organiser will need to issue you with an account to log into the UCLGuest Service to get Internet access. There are two ways to connect to the UCLGuest service, depending on the type of account you have been issued. The two types of accounts are:

  • Conference Event Code
  • Individual User ID and Password

This guide explains how to connect using a Conference Event Code. If you have a User ID and password you will need to view the Connecting to UCLGuest Wi-Fi using a User ID and password guide

Before you start...

  • A Conference Event Code issued to you by your sponsor at UCL
  • A personal laptop with:

    • An Internet Browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome).
    • A Wi-Fi certified Wireless Network Connection adapter. Please refer to the About Wi-Fi certified Wireless Standards for more information.

Please Note: The programme Onavo is known to prevent access to the UCLGuest Service. Onavo compresses data over 3G by proxying everything to a remote server.

Please uninstall this software before attempting to connect.


1. Connect to (join) the UCLGuest Wireless Network.

2. Open a web browser and navigate to a page outside of UCL. The browser will automatically redirect to the UCLGuest Welcome page.

UCLGuest welcome page…

Fig 1. UCLGuest welcome page
View larger version

3. Click on the link to the Self Service page; enter your information in the fields provided.

UCLGuest Self service page…

Fig 2. UCLGuest Self service page
View larger version

4. Click Generate Account.

5. Your username and password will be displayed on the screen; these details will also be sent to your e-mail address. Make a note of your username and password as you will need them each time you log into UCLGuest (the system will not remember your login details). The details will be valid for 2 weeks as indicated by the expiry date; if the event code is valid for longer than 2 weeks you can generate another account once your current one has expired.

6. Click on the link to the Login page and enter your details.(Please be aware it may take up 60 seconds for your account to become active after it’s been generated, if you cannot log in please wait a short while and try again)

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