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Connect your iPad/iPhone iOS9, iOS8 or iOS7 to live@UCL

This guide will take you through connecting your iPad/iPhone to the live@UCL email and calendar service using iOS9, iOS8 or iOS7.

The same instructions will apply for iPod devices using the same operating system.

You can enjoy full synchronisation of calendar, contacts & email through the live @ UCL service.

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Before you start...

This guide was produced using an iPad Air running iOS 9.1, so the screens on your device may differ slightly.


1. Go to Settings.

2. Choose the option Mail, Contacts & Calendars.

3. Within the Accounts section, choose Add Account.

Location of Add Account option

Fig 1. Location of Add Account option.
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4. Select the Exchange option.

5. You will then be prompted to type in your credentials:

Email: Your userID@ucl.ac.uk
Password: Your UCL password
Description: Set to your preference (e.g. UCL Email).

Select Next to proceed. Your device will now verify your details.

Fig 2. Add Exchange Account menu…

Fig 2. Add Exchange Account menu
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6. After verifying the account you may be prompted to enter the server address.
Note: If you are not prompted for the server address, continue to step 7.

Enter the following:

Server: outlook.office365.com
Domain: Leave blank
Username: Your userID@ucl.ac.uk
Password: Your UCL password

Select Next to continue.

7. You will then be provided with an options menu to customise whether you would like your live @ UCL Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Reminders to be synchronised with your device. Set these to your preference and select Save to apply.

Fig 3. Enter server address prompt and customise Apps to be synchronised…

Fig 3. Enter server address prompt and customise apps to be synchronised
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7. You will now see an Exchange account within the Mail, Contacts, Calendars menu confirming set up has been completed. Launch the Mail app to view the contents of your email account.

Fig 4. Successful set up of account…

Fig 4. Successful set up of account
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