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Adding and removing project members

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Before you start...

You need to have registered a project with the Research Data Storage Service (RDSS) in order to be able to access the storage. If you would like to do that please read the Research Data Storage Service overview for details.

To Start

To start adding members to your project, please visit our RDSS web administration portal (You need to be connected to the UCL VPN if you are working off site)

Adding members to your project

Note: Only PIs and Administrators can add and remove members

After logging in, you will see the projects you belong on. Clicking on the project title of the project you want to add/remove members, you will be brought to a project detail page where you will see information about the project. Click edit project, you can then add members by typing in their name, username or email address in the section labeled "add a new project member". Using the email address or username to search is recommended as these are unique where as there maybe more than one of the same name. To remove a user, put a tick in the remove box. Click "save changes" to process the changes.

Adding External Collaborators

Note: Only PIs can invite external collaborators

If you want to add someone from outside UCL as a project member, you can follow the instructions above and enter their external email address in the "add a new project member" box.

Start typing the email address, if they already have an account then it will appear in the list and you can select them. Click the save changes button to confirm the change. Otherwise you need to enter their full email address then click "Add new External Collaborator".  You will then be prompted to enter their first and last names. Once you have done this, click "save changes". You will now see your external collaborator listed under your project members.

An email will have been sent to the external collaborator, with the subject "Welcome to UCL" email, which comes with a link for them to activate the account and set a password. Once they have activated the account, an email with the subject starting  "UCL RDSS Project", will have be sent confirming they have been added to your project with access details including the username they need to use. They will not have access to the project until they follow the activation process in the "Welcome to UCL email". You will receive email confirmation once the account is activated. Please allow up to two hours after confirmation before the account is enabled on all systems.

The External Collaborator is provided with the following guide to help them access the project: How to access the RDSS as an External Collaborator

You can manage all your External Collaborators by visiting the link provided in the "Add new project member" section.


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Help & Support

For further help and assistance you can contact Research Data-Support.


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