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Add your account/log in to Thunderbird

You can set-up Thunderbird to connect to the live @ UCL service.

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Before you start...

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following instructions are to set up Thunderbird using the IMAP protocol. This will only allow you to use the email functions with Thunderbird.

Please also note that the instructions will work with the live @ UCL service BUT without full functionality, and are not supported by the ISD IT Services.

ISD will update any changes to these instructions when resources will allow and if you find any features that are not working accordingly, you are advised to use external third-party forums and support.

Read our support and features page


Connecting Thunderbird IMAP for Linux

1. Open Thunderbird and click on Create a new account which is located under the Accounts section on the home screen.


Fig 1.  Location of the Create a new account
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2. Click on Skip this and use my existing email.


Fig 2. Location of Skip this and use my existing email option
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3. In the Mail Account Setup window, fill in your UCL account details.

Your name: Your display name how you would like to be seen as
Email address: Your UCL email address e.g. j.bloggs@ucl.ac.uk
Password: Your UCL password
Remember password: check this if you want Thunderbird to remember your password.

Click Continue when finish.


Fig 3. Mail Account Setup window
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Fig 4. Location of the Manual config button
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4. Thunderbird will now try to automatically set up your account for you. The server details displayed are incorrect so you will need to manually configure this. Click on the Manual config button.

5. The Server hostname fields will now become editable.


Fig 5. Location of the Server hostname fields
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6. Enter the following details:

Incoming:- IMAP | outlook.office365.com | 993 | SSL/TLS | Normal password

Outgoing:- SMTP | smtp.office365.com | 587 | STARTTLS | Normal password

Username: Your userID@ucl.ac.uk

7. Click on Re-test to check the settings are correct. You should get a message stating Configuration found in Mozilla ISP database.

8. Click Done.


Fig 6. Example of account setup details
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9. Your UCL email should now be successfully connected to your Thunderbird email client.


Fig 8. Illustrating successful account setup
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