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Add your account/log in to Mac Mail

You can set-up Mac Mail to connect to the live@UCL email and calendar service.

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1. Open Mac Mail, if you are adding your first email account, in the Choose a mail account to add... window, select  Exchange and click Continue.

choose a mail account to add window

Fig 1.  Choose a mail account to add window
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Note: If you already have a personal email account connected to Mac Mail then go to Mail > Preferences and the Accounts window will open. Click on the + button on the bottom-left hand corner to create a new account.


Fig 2. Location of the plus (+) button to create a new account
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2. Type in your UCL email account details:

Name: Your name
Email Address: Your userID@ucl.ac.uk
Password: Your UCL password

Click Continue.


Fig 3. Account details box
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3. Mac Mail will automatically set up your UCL email account and you should get the account summary to confirm this is successful. Click Continue.


Fig 4. Account Summary window
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4.Select the Mail apps and click Done.

Note: The ISD IT Services does NOT support Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Reminders for Mac Mail. If you require support for Contacts and Calendar, we would require you to access these via Outlook Web Access (OWA).


Fig 5. Location of the Mail option
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5. Your UCL email account has now been successfully set up in Mac Mail.


Fig 6. Example of a successful account set-up
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Changing your account display name

1. Your new UCL email account may be assigned a display name ‘EXCHANGE’ when you first set it up. You can change this by going into your account settings and manually changing this to something of your choice. Click on Mail > Preferences…


Fig 7. Location of Preferences option
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2. In the Accounts window, change the Description field to something more meaningful. E.g. UCL email.


Fig 8. The Accounts window
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3. Exit and Save your changes. The display name of your email account will now have changed to the name you have chosen.


Fig 9. Example of changed account display name
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