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Add a signature in Thunderbird

Create an email signature that appears at the end of your messages.

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1. Click on Edit > Account Settings.


Fig 1. Location of the Account Settings option
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2. The Account Settings window will now open. Make sure your email account name is selected on the left-hand side settings list and you can see your account settings on the right. There should be a Signature text: field where you can enter your email signature. Enter your email signature here and click OK.


Fig 2. Account Settings window
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3. The signature template should now be created. The next time you create a new message, your signature will automatically be inserted to your message.


Fig 3. Example of a signature
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Note: Thunderbird by default will not support multiple signature templates and you will need to download additional add-ons via the Mozilla website. You will need to do this on your own accord as the ISD IT Services does not support this.

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