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EFD Information Systems

The EFD Information Systems team has responsibility for all UCL Estates & Facilities Division's information systems. These include:

  • EFD Information Systems Strategy.
  • Information Systems implementation.
  • Application support and training for FAMIS and Meridian.
  • Cardax (identity and access control card).
  • Non-standard desktop application support (e.g. AutoCAD, Asbestos Register, Condition Survey database).
  • EFD websites and web applications.
  • Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS).
  • Hardware and software procurement.
  • Computer application training.
  • Support for UCL Shop IT systems.

The team also provides an interface to Information Services Division, Management Systems and the ADS (Administrative Desktop Service) Support Team.

If you have an enquiry regarding any of the information systems we support please telephone extension 48333 (020 7679 8333 outside UCL) or email

The EFD Information Systems team support UCL Estates & Facilities Divisions's ICT systems and should not be confused with Information Services Division (ISD) or Information Systems (IS). Please telephone extension 25000 (020 7679 5000 outside UCL) or email for enquiries to ISD.

Optical Mark Reading

The Optical Mark Reading Service is also provided by the EFD Information Systems team. This service provides statistical data from multiple choice survey forms or examination papers. For more information please contact the OMR Staff on extension 48314 or email


Martin Paul Business & ICT Systems Manager 020 7679 1203
(Ext 41203)
John Porter Senior Web & Information Services Manager 020 7679 8271
(Ext 48271)
Christine Darley Project Manager – Student Accommodation & Conferencing System 020 7529 8975

The EFD Information Systems team is located on Floor 7, 1-19 Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7HB.