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Windows 7 Published Applications

Citrix Receiver Installation

Follow the steps to install the Citrix Receiver,  access the Citrix Storefront and add the applications you wish to use on your own device/computer.

Once these applications have been added to your Storefront they will also appear on your own computer’s Start Menu – appended with APP. See below for an example of Excel 2013.

Citrix Receiver Full Desktop

Once a published application has been added to the Start Menu of your computer, it can be accessed directly from this shortcut. You will be prompted to enter your username and password to access the application.

Enter your UCL user ID and password.

Citrix Receiver Credentials Prompt

You will now be able to access the individual application and use it directly on your own computer.

How to Identify Published Applications On Your Computer

All Desktop@UCL Apps will be listed as “Delivered by Citrix” in Control Panel>Programs and Features.

Publish App Identification