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ISO Installations

How to Install an ISO file

Mount ISO file to a Virtual Drive on Machine.

UCL recommends downloading and installing MagicDisc, ensure version is compatible to machine.

Once MagicDisc, is installed, start program (see below),

START Programs - MagicDisc - MagicDisc.

Right click MagicDisc tray icon, if it is not displayed, click on the show hidden icons arrow. Ensure programme is started as above..


Select "Virtual CD/DVD-ROM"


Select one of virtual CD/DVD drivers. (For examples: K: No Media)

Click "Mount"


Browse and select the CD/DVD image to mount.

Click "Ok"

Installation will start automatically for Office and Project. For other ISO files, go to My computer, double click on new drive and locate setup.exe file to start installation.

Once software is installed, unmount ISO file. The number of virtual drives can be increased by choosing Set Number of Drives.