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How to track your Tickets

Log into the ISD Service Desk portal

Go to and select 'Report a problem' link in the 'Online' support option.

Enter your UCL userid and password to log into the ISD Service Desk Portal.

Logging a Problem/Request

When you first log into the portal, you are defaulted to the Service Categories area.  Here you will find a single request form used to submit all problems and requests.

Initially the portal only contains a single form which you can use for any of our services, but we are developing a range of specific service request forms which will be released shortly.

B.  Complete the questions on the form

When you open the form you will be presented with a list of questions to be completed. Mandatory questions are shown in bold.

You will be able to add attachments of supporting documentation relating to your problem/request by selecting the 'Attachments' button.  Please remember to select the 'Save' button when adding attachments.  Your attachments will not be visible within the ticket until it is submitted.

C.  Submit the Form

When you have finished completing the form, take a moment to review the information you have provided - you can click on the 'Summary' button to view full details.

Ensuring that the information you provided is complete and accurate will help us to resolve your problem/request as quickly as possible. When you have checked your answers, click the 'Submit' button.

Your problem/request will be saved as a Ticket and you will receive an email confirmation that your ticket has been submitted with a unique reference number.

Updating your Problem/Request

You will be able to update your problem/request at any time until it is marked as ‘Completed’, or you may have received a request from ISD to provide additional information in order to resolve your problem/request.

To update a Ticket, please select the 'Open Requests' link.  You will be presented with a list of all of your logged tickets.

To add additional information, locate the appropriate ticket via the unique reference number.  Insert your comments, additional information in the 'Activity Log' 'Notes' field and select 'Add'.  You will also be able to add attachments in this area by selecting the yellow folder 'Upload File'.  Please remember to select 'Add' once you have browsed for your file.

Tracking Ticket Status

You are able to track the status of your problem/request from inception through to its resolution.  The Status types are as follows:

  • Assigned - means your problem/request has been logged with the ISD Service Desk and assigned to be actioned.
  • In-Progress - means your problem/request has been assigned to an individual within ISD and work has commenced to investigate, diagnose and resolve.
  • Completed - means your problem/request has been resolved.
  • Pending - means your problem/request is on-hold.  For example, awaiting further information, escalated to a 3rd party for further analysis, diagnosis.  In all cases where this status has been used, the 'Activity Log' will be updated to reflect.
  • Re-opened - this status is allocated where your problem/request has been marked as 'Resolved' and has been re-opened for further investigation/diagnosis.  This status will indicate that a ticket has not been resolved to the customers satisfaction.  For example, the problem still exists and requires further investigation.

Reopening a Ticket

When a ticket is resolved by ISD, you will receive an email.  The ticket will appear in the 'Since Last Visit' link within the ISD Service Desk Portal. 

If you do not believe the matter to have been completed to your satisfaction, please highlight the request identified by the unique reference number and then select the 'Reopen' button. 

You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to reopen the ticket and provide additional information.  Once completed, select the 'Save' button and the ticket will be reopened.  You can continue to track the tickets status as explained above.