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How to connect to the Print Queue

Windows Users:

All printing is defaulted to black and white (mono), double sided and A4.

If you wish to change these settings, further details can be found on the Change Print Settings page

I use a:

Using WTS 2000/2010 | Myriad | Desktop@UCL | Sync and Share computer

In the program that you want to print from, select the print option (E.g. in Microsoft Word, File > Print).

Locate and select the following queue :  print-UCL

Using an ADS computer or standalone Windows computer

1. Open windows explorer and type:


in the address field.

2. You should then be asked for a username and password. This is your UCL username and password (same password you would use to connect to UCL email).

Important: Ensure that the UCL username is typed in the following form: (replace ucaaxxx with your UCL username).

Under the username and password boxes, there is a check box for remembering credentials - please tick this box.

This is so that you do not need to go through this process again, every time you restart your machine.

3. You should now see a window appear with printer choices.  Please select the print-ucl queue.

Right-click the printer icon and select Connect. This will add the printer to your local device and download the driver.

This method has been tested on: Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8 operating systems.

Note: When you change your UCL password, you will lose your connection to the printer. You will need to follow these steps again to re-install it.

Using a Mac (OS X) computer

1. You will first need to install the print driver
These instructions are based on Mac OS X 10.7.5 (Mountain Lion):

a.  Use this link to download the driver.

Note: When prompted choose to "save" the file rather then "open as". Once the file has downloaded, double-click on the file to open the package installer.

b.  Install the driver package.  When you arrive at "select a printer" you will need to press "continue" where you will be prompted by the message "Print Queue Not Created" then press "Continue" which will complete the driver installation.

2. Click on the Apple icon and go to System Preferences > Print & Scan.

3. Click on the Add Printer button ("+") and select the Advanced Tab.
(If you cannot find this option: control-click on the 'Default' icon and select Customize Toolbar).

4. Enter in the following settings:

    Type: LPD/LPR Host or Printer 
    URL: Type in the following line, please ensure that you replace
with your UCL username:


Name: print-UCL

a.  Click the drop down menu in "Use"

b.  Select "Printer Software" - Scroll down and select "Xerox WorkCentre 7655, 2.94.3", click ok

c.  Please select the following options when configuring the printer:

  • Paper trays: 5 paper trays
  • Finisher: Advance office finisher
  • Hole punch: Not installed
  • Job storage: Installed
  • Post process: Not installed

5. Finally click on the Add button.

Note: When you change your UCL password, you will lose your connection to the printer. You will need to follow steps 2-4 again to re-install it.

Using a Linux computer

These steps have been tested to work in Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat and Centos. You may need to enter your root password a number of times during this process.

1. Click System, Administration, Printing

2. In the window that opens up click Add or New in the toolbar

3. In the left hand pane click “Network Printer” and wait a moment whilst the configuration loads. Once fully loaded click “Windows Printer via SAMBA” and enter the following details, using “ad\username”. Once entered click Verify then click Forward.

a. SMB Printer:

b. Tick: Set authentication details now

c. Username: ad\ccaaxxx

d. Password: your UCL password (same password you would use to connect to UCL email)

4. Download the x2WL75.ppd file and save to your home directory.

5. At the printer driver selection screen, choose “Provide PPD file” and select the x2WL75.ppd you downloaded in step 4. Click Forward.

6. Set the following items as:

  • Paper Tray Options: 5 Paper Trays Installed   
  • Finisher /Output Tray: Advanced Office Finisher
  • Hole Punch Unit: Not Installed
  • Job Storage: Disabled

7.  Change the Printer Name: print-UCL and Description: Xerox Printer

See further instructions for detailed instructions with screenshots