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Common Issues

is a list of known print issues and how to resolve quickly and easily:

On your computer:

At the MFD:

Printing PDFs from Adobe Reader 10 and up

You may get a pop-up message when trying to send a PDF to print from Adobe Reader 10. The message will be entitled: ‘Potential Printing Problems Detected’

Select ‘Print my job anyway’ and check the ‘Do not show this again’ button


Keep having to re-enter your username and password on your computer?

If every time you print, you keep getting prompted to re-enter your username and password, make sure you select "Remember my Credentials" and this should no longer happen.

Tip! If you are using a standalone computer or an ADS computer you will have to re-connect to the print queue if you change your UCL password. Instructions are available on the connect to a print queue page.

Documents not printing out as expected

You may on rare occasions find that your document has not output in the colours you expected or with some strange characters. As a first step we recommend disabling 'PostScript Pass-through'. The steps to do this are:

1. Go to the Print Driver Preferences


2. Select the 'Advanced' tab and expand the Driver section by pressing the small '+' next to the word 'Driver'


3. Change the 'PostScript Pass-through option from 'Enabled' to 'Disabled' and then press 'Ok' to save the settings


4. Re-send your print job and collect

If you are still having issues after trying this then please contact the ISD Service Desk.

Incorrect Resources message displayed on MFD

When trying to release your print job you may see the following message displayed on the device: ‘Incorrect resources’

This occurs when the print job you have sent requires a different paper size e.g. custom paper size instead of A4 or A3, or different media – e.g acetates.

The job will not print out and automatically delete after 1 minute.

Please resend the job making sure the paper or media corresponds with what is loaded in the device. If you need a special size of paper or media please use the paper bypass tray.

USB Printing & Scan to USB

These features are currently not enabled at UCL to ensure we meet Information Security requirements. 

Printing onto letter headed paper

Load the headed paper into a dedicated tray and select that specific tray from the print options.  Alternatively you can use the bypass tray.

Scan to email - email address not appearing

This functionality is enabled and only allows you to email yourself. If you are trying to use this service but your email address does not display in the "To" field, then please contact the ISD Service Desk.

Login failed - Still executing print jobs, please try again later

You may see the screenshot below after swiping your card on the card reader. This maybe as someone has just sent a large scan job from the device, and it is still processing the job after the user has logged out. If you wait 60 seconds, you should be able to login successfully.