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In early 2016 we carried out a staff and student IT survey. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond. Since then, we've been working hard to improve our services in response to your feedback. Here's a sample of things we've been up to.


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More reliable internet"

"Difficulty getting eduroam in some places on campus"

"Faster eduroam"

A substantial investment in replacing and upgrading our Wi-Fi technology infrastructure.
Completes Autumn 2017

We plan to double the coverage and capacity of Wi-Fi across UCL.
Work starts August 2017


IT Services

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Slow to respond to requests and to fix problems”

“Lack of out of hours support”

“A service status facility available on the website but also via an app - in case the website is down”

“More detailed and timely communication about IT issues”

“Update the ISD homepage notices when something is wrong”

We’ve invested in staffing, tools and training to speed up response times and improve quality.
First wave complete Feb 2017

We’ve partnered with an external organisation and altered shift patterns to provide additional out of hours support.
First wave complete November 2016

We are reviewing our service monitoring and reporting to get information to you faster.
Work starts August 2017

We’re implementing improved processes to ensure we communicate with you faster and more effectively about IT issues.
Work starts August 2017


Web and Communications

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Cleaner web pages that are easier to navigate”

"Some UCL websites are outdated and not coordinated”

“Improve organisation of different online services. More joined-up. One URL for everything"

“Better search term functionality on the UCL homepage”

We have reviewed and updated the content and structure of our web pages.
First wave completed August 2016 with regular reviews on-going

We have a major project to develop a personalised service page where you can get to all your resources.
Work starts August 2017

As we migrate websites to our new web platform you will see big improvements with search.
First wave completed May 2017



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More printers”

“Improve printing facilities”

“Ensure all printers are quickly fixed when there are problems”

We’ve rolled out 170+ additional printers over the past 18 months, targeting the busiest areas. This takes the current total to 660 printers. In areas of high usage we’ve introduced new high capacity printers.
Completed February 2017

We’ve improved how we monitor printer failures and worked with the supplier to improve fix times.
Completed February 2017


Password Management

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Password management is outdated, overly restrictive (8 characters, one number, etc), and too frequent to insist on changes”

We have overhauled our password system to allow more choice in password. This enables simpler and less frequent password changes.
Completed January 2017



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Spam reduced or ideally eliminated altogether”

“More security against phishing e-mails”

We have reduced volumes of Spam significantly by changing the spam detection technology.
Completed February 2017

We have introduced a website blocking service that prevents the pages used by attackers being visited from the UCL network.
Completed October 2016


Collaboration (including Skype for Business)

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A set of supported, open collaboration tools UCL wide (IM/storage/dropbox”

"Ability to send larger files by email."

UCL has partnered with Microsoft to deliver instant messaging, storage and online applications.
Completed September 2016

We’ve developed a plan to consolidate the various collaboration and storage services.
First wave starts August 2017



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More storage (free)”

“The provision of storage is nebulous. There are no clear costs for requests beyond the free quota and it isn't clear what types of storage we should/can use”

"Increased storage for research data"

We have invested in storage and now all staff and students can store 100GB for free.
Complete July 2016

Staff requiring more than 100GB of shared storage can now apply for extra storage at £0.15 per GB.
Complete July 2016

Research data storage service is being expanded by 3PB and simplified for easier access.
First wave complete August 2017


E-Learning - Moodle

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An integrated/flexible system of core digital learning services which is modern, vibrant, and easy to use”

"Sometimes it can involve a lot of clicks to find course documentation and resources on Moodle”

“More improvement in the layout of Moodle because its design is poor”

A set of projects in 2017/18 will provide a new ‘academic social network’ platform – UCL Together – to support new connected modes of learning. We are also introducing a blogging service for students and staff, and will be developing Moodle to support personal tutoring and enhance assessment support.
First wave starts August 2017

All Moodle sites will be required to meet the E-Learning Baseline from 2018.


Audio Visual facilities

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Equipment does not always work (e.g. projectors, sound)”

“Unreliability of technology in some lecture theatres”

We have employed additional staff and students to check equipment on a daily basis and fast track any breakages found or reported.
Completed January 2016

We have invested heavily in replacing and updating lecture theatre equipment.
Active monitoring of this equipment is planned.
First wave complete September 2017



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Lack of computers at times”

"Perhaps tablet loans - useful if one cannot bring a laptop to campus”

“It would be great if we could borrow a laptop (outside of library hours)"

We are continuing to invest in additional cluster PCs, and loan laptops where there isn’t space for desktops. We’ll be adding 550 desktops and 60 laptops by
September 2017.

We operate one of the largest laptop loan services across UK universities – 266 laptops across 12 locations - and this year we are adding a further 60 laptops.
Second wave complete September 2017

These are available in our larger libraries where there are staff available to support them during opening hours. The need for support means that we cannot locate them outside of library spaces at present.


Lecturecast icon…

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More Lecturecasts”

“Lecturecast availability in more teaching spaces"

Lecturecast has been expanded to 36 new spaces over the past year, and another 14 are planned over the summer.
Completes September 2017


Training icon…

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More training courses on software run by actual people rather than online videos/instructions”

“More online courses”

“More online training for researchers"

We delivered 221 courses last academic year, that’s nearly 1000 hours of training with about 3000 people attending. We are working hard to publicise the courses we offer.

We are investigating options for a more interactive, hands-on student induction which introduces students to essential digital skills and services and have recently introduced the Lynda.com service which provides a very broad range of online courses.
Launches November 2017

We are working with the Arena Centre for Research Based Education to introduce more digital scholarship to the Arena Programme to support staff to use technology in their teaching and research.
From October 2017

We are also developing self-directed online versions of some of our popular classroom courses in research computing and research programming fundamentals, to help reach the widest possible audience of UCL researchers who want to make use of our Research Computing services or are writing code as part of their projects.


Mac Support

Mac support icon…

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More support and encouragement to use Mac”

“Support for Macs, especially backup and easily accessible file storage”

ISD are developing an enhanced Apple Mac support service. This improved service will focus on making the top five core ISD services available to Mac users (storage, printing, applications, network, remote windows desktop).
First wave complete September 2017


Desktop @ UCL

Desktop@UCL on multiple platforms icon…

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Easier remote access”

“To be able to use Desktop @ UCL to access my files from home/away reliably”

We are investing to improve our Desktop @ UCL service for staff and students.
First wave complete September 2016. Second wave completes September 2017




Opening speech marks…

Improve MyFinance”

“MyFinance system cumbersome and user unfriendly”

“MyView - a very bad user experience”

“Portico is excellent, but has several areas for improvement”

UCL’s Finance system has been upgraded, introducing a more modern look and feel - some elements of which are now tablet/touch ready.
Complete May 2016

MyHR, UCL’s new HR system will integrate with MyFinance and also provide an improved user experience.
Completes December 2017

A major upgrade to Portico will enable us to improve the overall 'look and feel' with other improvements following.
Starts September 2017