Information Services Division


Our technologies

ISD invests in UCL’s technology and IT services, spending about £15M a year on projects to deliver new capabilities.

In the next couple of years we are expecting this investment to double to £30M per year – for several years. Within ISD, we are continuing to drive improvements in our technology. Recently we migrated all of our services to state of the art data centres, resulting in a technology upgrade and rationalisation of our IT infrastructure.

A few examples of the ongoing projects and initiatives you could be involved in:

  • To enable UCL to integrate workflows across multiple systems, we are implementing a Service Oriented Architecture based on a Web Services Platform. This will allow our enterprise systems to exchange data in a scalable and standard way.
  • To make the best use of the data held in our main enterprise systems, we are implementing a Data Warehouse with an associated project to produce dashboards and reports for college management.
  • A key element of our Digital Services strategy is the implementation of a Digital Services platform to simplify and improve processes, saving lots of time for academic colleagues.
  • If you are more interested in infrastructure technologies, we are just about to procure the next generation of our Virtual Infrastructure platform (Hybrid Automated Cloud) which will enable us to host workloads in our own datacentres, or seamlessly relocate them to a public cloud provider.
  • In the unified communications space, we are in the early stages of a project to replace our existing traditional telephony system with Microsoft Teams for Telephony improving services for those working across campus and remotely.
  • To improve the responsiveness of our Service Delivery teams, we are implementing Agile working practices and creating a DevOps deployment pipeline that will improve the release of changes to our production services.
  • As you would expect from a university, we invest heavily in Audio Visual projects and student computer services to support teaching and learning.
  • To support our world-leading research activities, we regularly invest in our High Performance and High Throughput computing facilities, striving to keep us at the leading edge of HPC/HTC in the UK Higher Education sector.

This is just a small sample of the projects and initiatives that ISD is currently undertaking, so there is scope for getting involved in an exciting activity whatever your interests.