Information Services Division


Express Framework: Project Start-Up & Initiation  

This stage focuses on requirements and planning.  The primary output of this stage is the Project Initiation Documentation.

  • Combined Start-up and Initiation
  • Reduced set of mandatory products
  • Key output is the Express Project Initiation Documentation

  • Before a Project can go into Start-Up it MUST have transitioned Gate 1 – this is your authority to start the project.

Mandatory Products

There are a number of mandatory products for which templates are available, these are:

Conditional Products

Depending on the nature of the project, a number of conditional products may be required.  The products required are determined when you complete and agree the Required Products Checklist

Planning and Business Change

Information Security

Technical Delivery


Depending on the outcome of the Procurement Assessment (hyperlink to document) and the chosen route-to-market, a number of additional products may be required.  For example:

  •     Procurement Timetable
  •     Tender Document
  •     Tender Evaluation Score Sheet
  •     Contract