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IT Service Management

ISD manages over two hundred user facing IT services and over one hundred IT infrastructure services.  These services support a huge range of staff and student actvities such as teaching, learning, research, and administration. We use an industry standard IT Service Management (ITSM) approach called the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).  The ITIL framework is a process based approach that facilitates our management of IT service delivery and operations.  The framework works comfortably alongside ISD's development frameworks such as Agile and SAFe.

The three key objectives of IT Service Management are:

  • To align IT services with the current and future needs of the business and its customers
  • To improve the quality of the IT services delivered
  • To reduce the long term cost of IT service provision

To achieve this ISD's implementation of the ITIL framework focuses on four areas:

Design & Experience
To ensure our IT services are fit for purpose, provide you with a modern, easy to use experience, and continue to improve

Change, Configuration, & Governance
To ensure changes to our services are appropriately prioritised, governed, and managed

Service Continuity, including Incident & Problem Management
To ensure our services are stable, secure, and performant

Performance & Monitoring
To ensure we have the information at hand to manage and improve our service delivery and operations

The ITIL framework has been adopted by many Russell Group universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, and LSE.  Our ISD teams meet regularly with peers from these Universities via the Russell Group IT Directors forum (RUGIT) to exchange experiences and ideas, and to learn from each other.

If you would like to know more about ISD's services or service management processes, you can contact the IT Service Management team via email itsm@ucl.ac.uk or our intranet site (ISD staff only).

    ISD ITSM Team