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UCL staff and students are able to use Gartner Campus Access. Gartner is the leading provider of research and analysis on the global IT industry.

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I'm UCL staff / an academic / researcher

I can use Gartner to:

  • plan courses that are relevant and innovative for business and IT
  • access data and information to substantiate the evidence in research
  • offer materials that complement lectures and seminars
  • benchmark and appraise commercial opportunities


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I'm a student

I can use Gartner to:

  • gain exposure to real-life business case studies, trends and expert opinion
  • understand and keep up to date on technologies and tools available
  • discover how organisations improve operational effectiveness


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Using Gartner

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Using the Magic quadrants

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Understanding the Hype cycle

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What others in UCL think about Gartner

"In these unprecedented times we need to move quickly and we need to get the very best value for money for UCL. In my experience, Gartner can help with both of those things. It offers a wealth of research about what is available in the marketplace, along with detailed analysis of emerging trends and markets within the tech industry. We've been using their research and expertise widely in ISD and strongly encourage other UCL users to take advantage of our Campus Access licence."

- Andy Smith, Chief Information Officer, ISD

"Gartner research provides us with a broader and deeper insight into an increasingly complex world of enterprise technology. Gartner helps inform decisions around strategy, investment and technical implementation."

- Alan Harper, Director, IT for SLMS, SLASH & IOE