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Discover Gartner – world class IT research and advice

UCL staff and students now have access to Gartner online resources. Gartner provide a broad range of valuable IT related research, analysis and opinion which can be used to inform and enhance planning, decision making and measurement needs.

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Gartner gives you access to:

  • Spotlights – Reflecting on current client issues using a number of different perspectives.
  • Special Reports – Covering underlying research themes that cut across technology or industry specific research, or providing in-depth strategic analysis of trends, industry developments, vendors, products and services.
  • Published Research – Focusing on companies, products, markets, decision frameworks, tactical guidelines, case studies and strategic planning assumptions.

I'm a student

Features and benefits for you include:

  • Case studies that demonstrate how to apply what you learn to real life scenarios.
  • Gaining a practical understanding of how organisations re-engineer their processes to increase revenues and reduce costs.
  • Understanding and keeping up to date on which technology tools are available to implement strategies.
  • Preparation for interviews with IT companies.

I'm an academic / research staff member

You will be able to:

  • Plan courses on the basis of what will be topical in business and IT in the next few years.
  • Use the data and information to substantiate research papers
  • Include the research in lectures.

I'm an IT professional

You can use Gartner's resources to:

  • Better understand the value of IT to the university.
  • Reduce risk in every IT related decision by following an evidence based approach.
  • Rely on case studies to understand best practice.
  • Use contract reviews to ensure best costings and choose the most suitable vendors for UCL.
  • Gain advice on professional growth and development for you and your team.
  • Understand technology and market trends/implications within the Higher Education sector.

    What others in UCL think about Gartner

    "Gartner offers a wealth of research about IT-related products and services. Through our new licensing arrangement with Gartner, we're now able to provide all at UCL with access to this valuable resource."

    - Mike Cope, Director, Information Services Division

    "Gartner research provides us with a broader and deeper insight into an increasingly complex world of enterprise technology. Gartner helps inform decisions around strategy, investment and technical implementation."

    - Alan Harper, Director, IT for SLMS, SLASH & IOE