Project Deliverables

Current Priorized Product Backlog is available here

The project aims to deliver a set of functionalities over a number of phases to meet the following primary use cases which were identified by Research Strategy Committee and other key stakeholders:

  • Individual Research Profile
  • Research Management
  • Strategic Projects
  • Research Assessment Submission
  • Verification
  • Librarianship
  • Enterprise
  • Outreach
  • International
  • Fund Raising
  • Consulting

More detailed description of the primary use cases

Phase I 

  • Research Profile
  • Search and Browse functionality
  • Basic management reporting

The project is currently in Phase III

Phase II

  • Reusable data and functions 
  • Ability to export Profiles - e.g. web pages, grant applications
  • Fuller Integration with RPS
  • Integration with new UCL Enterprise Search Solution 
  • Inclusion of all department in addition to a 'Theme' based view of Research
  • Improved support for display of 'Activities' (Projects)
  • Ability to capture Impact measures required for REF
  • Preparation for Integration with REF process 
  • Public availability of IRIS (funding & students restricted)

Phase III

  • Data convergence with Professorial Appraisal Review, Experts etc.
  • Enhancements to Funding display
  • Enhancement of search and reporting functions
  • Enhancements to security model to provide greater control and delegation of adminsitration.
  • Improvement to 'Edit Profile' user interface
  • Enhancements to user interface
  • Import/Export of profiles to external systems (e.g. Mendeley)