The following Issues have been addressed in the latest release of the IRIS application

 1677 External Researchers and Organizations can be deleted by any user  Resolved so that external researchers can not be deleted by a user that did not originally create the contact.
1672 Reports Tab be removed from User Interface  The User interface linked to reports that were not relevant - this tab has now been hidden as it was confusing
1677 Display IRIS not supported under IE6 message Due to the many incompatibilities and security issues related to IE6 a message no displays informing the user that the browser is not supported and recommends that an alternative browser is used
0652 Cannot search for researcher on new activity, external researcher - any time a              search is made for a new researcher it searches on first name only  Fixed to search on first name and last name
1749 Cannot add a UCL researcher to an activity if the user is found twice by the autocomplete   Resolved
1748 Can not add multiple collaborators to a research activity at any one time Resolved
1668 Display of More information for a research activity 'flashes' in some browsers Resolved
1669 Display of Esteem items does not sort in a logical order Fixed so that esteem items can be ordered by each column heading 
1680 Cannot remove Profile image when using IE7  Fixed
1670 Control of sort order of Esteem items and grouping of esteem items  Esteem items can now be sorted by column in the administrator screens
1730 Link to Portico  Link to Portico now directs user to a helpdesk form to request information is ammened
1708 Display the Appointment Title in the list of researchers by dept and group by type. Appointment title now displays in the list of researchers by dept
0647 Sort of Organization   External Organisations can no be sorted