Silva External Sources

For rapid deployment and ease of use a number of 'external sources' to the SILVA content management system are available that allow you to include staff lists for departments or research groups and individual research staff biographies. There are 3 Silva external sources available.

Note: IRIS data being fed to Silva websites is currently being cached on the server side. This will speed up the delivery of IRIS data for Silva site visitors, however it will mean that, when updating IRIS data, there will be a delay of up to 2 hours before the updated information will be seen on the live website.

SERVICE: IRIS Researcher List

This code source is used to generate a list of IRIS Researchers that conform to the Corporate Identity branding. The code source will automatically generate a list of staff containing basic biographic details, photographs and links to their profile in the IRIS system - this external source will accept a number of parameters to control the list members that are displayed 

-Surname (starts with) - The starting characters of a surname - up to a maximum of 30 characters.

-Department ID - The unique alphanumeric department code used by central service to identify the department - this is the code used by the HR sytems 

-Division ID - This is similar to the department code but used to identify a division rather than a department 

Note: The remaining parameters are only meant for advanced users - please check with the project team before attempting to use them.

SERVICE: IRIS Researcher Profile

This code source is used to generate a single individual researcher profile . The code source will generate a tabbed output that conform to the Corporate Identity branding. - this external code source accepts a single parameter

-UPI - This is the Unique Personal identifier, that is used by most of UCL's internal systems - it is the identifier the appears in the bottom left of all UCL ID cards 

SERVICE: IRIS Researcher Group

This code source is used to generate information on any UCL Research group, it displays a description of the group and a list of members. The code source will generate output that conform to the Corporate Identity branding. - this external code source accepts a number of parameters.

-ResearchGroupID - An IRIS specific unique research group identifier *required field 

-Generate Document Title from the IRIS Group - Checking this box will automatically popluate the research group title to the title of the Silva Document you're adding this code source to.

-Display Summary - Checking this box control whether the research group summary is displayed 

-Display Students - Checking this box controls whether post graduate students associated with the research group are displayed - DO NOT display students without first requesting their permission to do so.

Layout Compatibility of the external sources: 

UCL Corporate Identity v1.0

Browser Compatibility: 

IE7 and above,  Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari