Research groups

The department has four distinct research groups. Click on the links below to find out about the specific areas of research for each group, the people involved, and a publications list.

Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology

The Centre undertakes research on the epidemiology, prevention and treatment of infections including sexually transmitted diseases, influenza, tuberculosis, antimicrobial resistance and other common problems particularly among vulnerable populations in primary care. It has developed the UK Infectious Disease Research Network.

Centre for Sexual Health and HIV Research

The Centre is multidisciplinary, with broad interested in clinical, epidemiological and behavioural research related to sexually-transmitted infections and HIV. There is close collaboration with a large sexual health and HIV service based at Mortimer Market, the Margaret Pyke Centre and the Archway centre. 

Health Psychology and Social Sciences Group

The Group has an active research programme spanning interests in reproductive issues, HIV infection, suicide and HIV, bereavement, and prevention of HIV transmission. International collaborations include the ethical and legal aspects of living with HIV, policy development related to HIV testing, and other psychological and social issues related to HIV infection and AIDS. 

HIV Epidemiology and Biostatistics Group

The Group has made major contributions through the analysis of large collaborative national and international cohorts to describing the impact of multi-drug anti-HIV therapy and understanding its underlying mechanisms of action. Recently it has played a leading part in evaluating the effects of HIV related therapies that have led to changes in treatment guidelines world-wide.

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