UCL Institute of Ophthalmology


Refractive surgery - Cert LRS and FEBOS examination revision course

Wednesday 4 - Thursday 5 September 2019

This two-day course delivered by Moorfields consultants covers the spectrum of contemporary laser and implant-based vision correction techniques, patient selection, troubleshooting, and therapeutic treatments.

Modalities covered include LASIK, TransPRK/LASEK, SMILE, PTK, Collagen cross-linking, ICL implantation, lens exchange, refractive cataract surgery, and therapeutic treatments.

The course is ideal preparation for the Cert LRS and FEBOS professional exams in refractive surgery and is timed to help consolidate knowledge before taking the exams. It is also a useful background for ophthalmologists and allied health professionals looking for a comprehensive update on contemporary vision.

Provisional timetable 

Day one
  • 8.30am: Registration
  • 9.00am: Welcome and introduction
    Overview and patient selection
  • 9.05am: Excimer and femtosecond lasers - J Marshall
  • 9.30am: LVC - D Gartry
  • 09.55am: Professional standards - S Daya
  • 10.20am: Coffee
    Overview and patient selection
  • 10.50am: EDOF and Multifocal IOLs - S Daya
  • 11.15am: pIOLs - V Maurino
  • 11.40am: PTK - L Ficker
  • 12.05pm: CXL - D Gore
  • 12.30pm: Lunch
    VIDEO Technique and complications
  • 13.30pm: LASIK - R Angunawela
  • 13.55pm: SMILE - D Reinstein
  • 14.20pm: PRK/LASEK - L de Benito
  • 14.45pm: pIOL - V Maurino
  • 15.10pm: RLE - M Watson
  • 15.25pm: Tea
    Regular and irregular astigmatism
  • 15.45pm: FLACS & AK - J Stevens
  • 16.10pm: Toric and piggyback IOLs - M Wilkins
  • 16.35pm: Irregular astigmatism - R Angunawela
  • 17.00pm: Closing
Day two

Avoiding and treating problems post-LVC

  • 08.40am: Refractive surgery and the ocular surface - S Ahmad
  • 09.05am: LVC postoperative complications - B Allan
  • 09.25am: LVC corneal ectasia - D Gore
  • 09.50am: Haze and scarring - L de Benito
  • 10.20am: Coffee
    Treatment planning
  • 10.50am Wavefront-guided treatment - J Stevens
  • 11.15am: LVC Nomogram adjustment - D Gartry
  • 11.40am: ICL treatment planning - A Ionides
  • 12.05pm: IOL selection post LVC - M Restori
  • 12.30pm: Lunch
    Avoiding and treating problems in RLE/Cataract
  • 13.30pm: Intraoperative complications - M Watson
  • 13.55pm: Postoperative complications - A Day
  • 14.20pm: IOL exchange - A Ionides
  • 14.45pm: Cataract surgery extreme axial lengths - M Watson
  • 15.10pm: Cataract surgery in corneal disease - S Ahmad
  • 15.25pm: Tea
  • 15.45pm: Cataract national dataset & FLACS results - A Day
  • 16.10pm: Refractive surgery national dataset - B Allan
  • 16.35pm: Closing

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