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Prof Peng Khaw's videos

These videos show close ups of eye surgery as they are intended to share best practice with other surgeons. Please don't watch them if you are squeamish.

Moorfields' Safer Surgery System

The change in surgical technique of antimetabolite application has led to a dramatic reduction in antimetabolite bleb related complications (>75% reduction in blebitis and endophthalmitis) and has been widely adopted around the world. Developed at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

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Adjustable Suture 

Technique to adjust sutures and IOP transconjunctivally.

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Goniotomy technique for paediatric glaucoma.

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The Gift of Sight

Rhiannon Willis, 10, was born with a serious inflammatory eye disorder, followed by severe glaucoma. Now, after several eye operations, she can see in one eye. "It was magical moment. I will never forget this day," said her mother, Carol. This video helped us raise the funding for the new children’s hospital at Moorfields.

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