UCL Institute of Ophthalmology



The UCL Institute of Ophthalmology conducts advanced science and attracts researchers of the highest international calibre.

Our research is divided into three key themes.

Cell Biology…

Development, Ageing and Disease Theme

Vision loss caused by the effects of ageing and disease are a global health burden. Our interdisciplinary labs investigate the biological pathways involved so we that we can develop better treatments.

Led by Professor Adnan Tufail and Professor Pete Coffey 


Rescue, Repair and Regeneration Theme

We aim to protect and improve vision and quality of life for people with sight loss. Our expertise lies in using regenerative medicine to develop new effective therapies. 

Led by Professor James Bainbridge and Professor Julie Daniels 

EEG Cap…

Visual Neuroscience and Function Theme

We are investigating new ways to assess vision. Our work also combines epidemiology, genetics, imaging and data science to inform policy, improve quality of life of those with sight loss, and more.

Led by Professor Andrew Stockman and Professor Paul Foster


Research labs

Ophthalmology research

We have many research labs, groups and active projects. Some of these have their own websites which you can browse to find out about their specific areas of research, as well as opportunities to collaborate.

Researcher videos

Research videos

Hear our researchers give a brief overview of their work, and of how their findings improve the health and wellbeing of our society.

Directory of Expertise

Directory of Expertise thumbnail

Our staff at the IoO and at Moorfields Eye Hospital have expertise in a number of areas at the cutting edge of current ophthalmic research.