UCL Institute of Ophthalmology


Who we are

The UCL Child vision lab was established in 2010 and is part of UCL's Institute of Ophthalmology.

We are a non-profit UCL research unit, based at the Richard Desmond Children's Eye Centre: the largest centre in the world dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eye diseases in children.

The Centre, along with Moorfields Eye Hospital and University College London's Institute of Ophthalmology, aims to further the understanding of how to cure currently incurable eye conditions as well as furthering the understanding of how healthy vision develops.

We study the development of vision in children, from infancy into adolescence - using brain imaging, virtual reality, and computer games, to explore how we see the world around us. Our lab also develops novel eye tests to use in young children, helping diagnose and prevent serious eye conditions early on.

We work closely with many institutions and research groups (e.g., Moorfields Eye HospitalUCL Visual Development Unit, Birkbeck-UCL Centre for NeuroimagingCentre for Brain and Cognitive Development, and more ...).

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