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Wing-Chau Tung wins UCL Professional Services Excellence Award

5 July 2019

Dr Wing-Chau Tung, IoO’s Institute Manager, won the UCL Professional Services Personal Excellence Award for outstanding service and leadership in the workplace.

Dr Wing-Chau Tung with UCL Provost, Prof Michael Arthur

On Monday 24 June, Wing-Chau Tung won the UCL Professional Services (Ways of Working) Personal Excellence Award at the 2019 Professional Services Conference.

This year, the awards panel heard over 200 amazing stories about people who demonstrate integrity, outstanding service and commitment to UCL, about teams striving towards UCL’s future and about the incredible things people are doing beyond the boundaries of the institutes and departments of UCL.

Commenting on the award, Wing-Chau said, “I am ecstatic to have won an award this year and be recognised and valued for my contribution at UCL. I will continue to share what I have learnt and demonstrate core values, such as respecting and supporting each other, to make UCL a great place to work.” 

Prior to joining the Institute of Ophthalmology, Wing-Chau was the Institute Manager in the Institute of Health Informatics. She was nominated by her colleagues for being incredibly committed, fair and knowledgeable, bringing sound leadership, compassion and a sense of justice to the workplace.

Wing-Chau was one of three recipients of the Ways of Working, Personal Excellence Award. The judging panel received a huge amount of nominations in this category and ranked the first three so closely that it was impossible to separate them.

We congratulate the other two winners of the award, Laura Tomson (Senior Employment Policy Advisor in HR) and Orla O’Donnell (Finance Lead and Site Manager at the Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care).

Congratulations to Nick Burt, Research Manager at IoO, who was also nominated for the Professional Services (Ways of Working) Personal Excellence Award.

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