UCL Institute of Ophthalmology


Gemma Bridge Seminar

18 June 2015

Dr Gemma Bridge…

The next Research Network Seminar will be on Friday 19th June at 10am. Dr Gemma Bridge, previous member of CI-UCL and now in Barts Cancer Institute, will be presenting her work with the title of:

Characterization and impact of novel regulators of mitochondrial DNA integrity”

Gemma has experience of targeting microRNAs using morpholinos in zebrafish model so she can share her experience with you (if you ask!) and also used ZFN/CRISPR system to address some of her questions.

This is really an excellent opportunity for us to meet and learn about the research ongoing in other centres and find out about techniques and ideas which may be useful to our research. Your attendance will support our network and UCL-cross communications.

Join us on Friday 19th June, in the Seminar room at 10:00.