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At the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology we conduct cutting-edge science, attracting research workers of the highest international caliber. The most recent national Research Excellence Framework has once more confirmed that we have the strongest Clinical Medicine research of any British university. Independent auditors have shown that our partnership with Moorfield's Eye Hospital is the most productive in the world.


Studying at the Institute of Ophthalmology is about making a difference. Moorfields Eye Hospital is just next door and together we pride ourselves on excellence. The eye provides a perfect model for studying a wide range of conditions and is an excellent test bed for developing therapies that can be used elsewhere in the body. Studying with us will allow you to discover new specialisms, themes and passions that can take you where you want to be, wherever you are in your education or career.

We have an exciting series of programmes ranging from short intensive revision sessions to doctoral training that capitalises on our expertise.


The UCL Institute of Ophthalmology work in partnership with Moorfields Eye Hospital to lead the way in vision research. Together we are producing the most influential research in England and have been independently shown to be the most productive collaborative partnership in the world for vision research.

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