UCL Institute of Ophthalmology


Lecture Series 2019-2020

UCL Institute of Ophthalmology Lecture Series: September 2019 to February 2020

Lecture series at the Institute of Ophthalmology

Wednesday 18 September 2019

Prof Andrew Lotery
University of Southampton
Topic: Understanding AMD via lab and clinical studies

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Dr Jernej Ule
Crick Institute
Topic: Mechanisms and functions of ribonucleoprotein condensates in development and disease

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Dr Anu Kanuppinen
University of Eastern Finland
Topic: The inflammasome and its regulation in AMD

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Dr Christos Bergeles
University College London
Topic: Development of micro-precise robotic instrumentation for ocular regenerative therapy delivery

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Dr Pleasantine Mill
MRC Human Genetics Unit, University of Edinburgh
Topic: TBC

Wednesday 12 February 2020

Dr Irina Solovei
University of Munich (LMU)
Topic: Viewing cell nuclear architecture through the eyes of nocturnal mammals