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Clone of Research

Our transformative research in ophthalmology and eye health brings together scientists, clinicians and patients to make a real difference to people’s lives.
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Development, Ageing and Disease Theme

Our interdisciplinary labs investigate the biological pathways involved in vision loss caused by ageing and disease.

Theme Lead: Professor Clare Futter
Deputy Theme Lead: Dr Ryan MacDonald

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Rescue, Repair and Regeneration Theme

We aim to protect and improve vision using regenerative medicine to develop new effective therapies. 

Theme Lead: Professor Pete Coffey
Deputy Theme Lead: Dr Amanda Carr

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Visual Neuroscience and Function Theme

Our work combines epidemiology, genetics, imaging and data science to investigate new ways to assess vision.

Theme Lead: Professor Andrew Stockman
Deputy Theme Lead: Dr Tessa Dekker

icon for Population and Data Science theme

Population and Data Sciences

This theme combines expertise around collection, curation, analysis and interpretation of ophthalmic big data.

Theme Lead: Professor Paul Foster
Deputy Theme Lead: Dr Adam Dubis

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Research labs

Read about some of the labs, groups and active projects at the IoO.

Ophthalmology facilities

Our facilities

Find out about our unique scientific and academic facilities, as well as guidance on using our facilities. 

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Postgraduate research (MPhil/PhD)

Be at the cutting edge of ophthalmic and bioscience research led by world-renowned experts.


NIHR Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre

The Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre is a partnersip between Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.