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Price List

TestsService included in the TestUnit


Cut-up and processing of tissueRegistration of demographic data and allocation of number, description, cut-up, cassette printing.Block£ 5.50
Sectioning (unstained)Slide labelling; 1 section per slide.Slide£ 1.50
H&E stainingDewax, stain, mount with coverslip.Slide£ 2.00
Special stainsDewax, stain, mount with coverslip. for example, Cresyl Violet, Luxol fast blue, Reticulin,Slide£ 4.50
Immunohistochemical stainDewax, stain with antibody**, mount with coverslip.Slide£ 15.00
Optimisation of new antibodyTitration, retrieval methods (including antibody cost).Antibody£ 180.00

High-resolution slide scanning

Scanners available:
Hamamatsu NanoZoomer S360
Hamamatsu NanoZoomer S60
Leica SCN400 (Legacy projects only) 

Registration, scanning, storage and export. Includes 30-day storage of whole slide images on our secure server.

Brightfield standard slide***

Additional layer

Multichannel fluorescence standard slide

Jumbo slide****

£ 2.00

£ 0.50

£ 6.25

£ 5.00

Storage of whole slide imagesStorage on secure file server*****.Slide per year£ 2.00
Image analysis with QuPath
(Legacy projects with Definiens Tissue Studio)

File management, slide QC, development and validation of analysis algorithm, slide analysis, data processing, analysis summary report. Publication-ready data table and analysis summary report returned to the customer.

Hour£ 48.00
Use of Definiens Tissue StudioUse of Definiens Tissue Studio image analysis software without the input of image analyst (e.g. annotations, region selection).Hour£ 15.00
Setup and registrationRegistration and setup of experiments, for small sample sizes (less than 20 slides/blocks/tests/scans).Unit£ 35.00
Research support 

Searches for antibodies, evaluation, reporting, and specialist/research consultation, discussion of results.

Exception: named collaborations with FEC on grants.

Hour£ 48.00
Professional neuropathology assessment

Advice on biomarkers, classification or grading of diseases, neuropathological diagnosis of animal models. Histological assessment of human and experimental samples. Preparation, annotation of publication-ready panels, figure legends and results sections.
This applies to all assessments, collaborations, and is independent of co-authorship.

Exception: named collaborations with UCL-FEC on existing grants.

Hour£ 145.00

* All prices are ex-VAT.
** Antibodies can be provided by the customer or purchased by us.
*** Standard slide size is 26 mm × 76 mm.
**** Jumbo slide size is 52 mm × 76 mm.
***** Billed 6-monthly.

Only UCL-internal orders (IDT) are VAT Exempt.  For industry-funded projects, please enquire with Sebastian Brandner s.brandner@ucl.ac.uk.