UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Upcoming Queen Square Courses

In addition to the Diploma, MSc, and PhD Programmes, a wide and varied range of other teaching and educational opportunities are run by the Education Team.

Short Courses at IoN

Weekly teaching programme

All students/visitors must wear a UCL/UCLH ID badge at all times anywhere in the National Hospital, Queen Square Institute of Neurology and other buildings in Queen Square.

Regular clinical meetings taking place at Queen Square. Any quries please contact ion.educationteam@ucl.ac.uk

2.00pm    Clinico-Pathological Conference (Wolfson Lecture Theatre, NHNN, apart from the 3rd Monday of each month when the meeting takes place in the Gilliatt Lecture Theatre). Dates TBC

8.30am    Pituitary MDT meeting (Wolfson Lecture Theatre, NHNN)
1.00pm    Critchley Round (Wolfson Lecture Theatre, NHNN - every Tuesday from October until the end of June except the 1st Tuesday of every month)
Dates TBC
1.00pm    Neuro-ophthalmology Case Demonstration (Wolfson Lecture Theatre, NHNN 1st Tuesday of every month)                
Dates TBC         

7.30am    Anaesthetics meeting (Gilliatt Lecture Theatre, Queen Square House)              
8.00am    Neuro-oncology MDT (Wolfson Lecture Theatre, NHNN)

12.30pm    Radiology Meeting (Bradley Krett seminar room, basement NHNN)
2.15pm    Gowers Grand Round (Wolfson Lecture Theatre, NHNN)  - see below for list of speakers

10-Sep    Mary Reilly    
17-Sep    Richard Sylvester    
24-Sep    Gordon Ingle    
01-Oct    Kailash Bhatia    
08-Oct    Sonia Gandhi    
15-Oct    Alex Leff    
22-Oct    Jeremy Rees    
29-Oct    Hadi Manji    
05-Nov    Elaine Murphy    
12-Nov    Simon Mead    
19-Nov    Jeremy Chataway    
26-Nov    Laxmi Korilpara    
03-Dec    Martin Rossor    
10-Dec    Ed Wild    
17-Dec    Gowers quiz

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7.30am    Neuroanaesthetics meeting (Wolfson Lecture Theatre, NHNN)

Further seminars can be found by visiting https://www.ucl.ac.uk/research/domains/neuroscience/events
Royal Society of Medicine seminars can be found at www.rsm.ac.uk/cns