UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology




  1. CLNE0025 - Clinical Manifestations of Stroke
  2. CLNE0024 - Neuroimaging and Pathophysiology
  3. CLNE0026 - Treatment (HASU and Service Delivery)
  4. CLNE0027 - Epidemiology of Stroke
  5. CLNE0028 - Neurorehabilitation
  6. CLNE0007 - Research Methods and Introduction to Statistics
  7. CLNE0006 - Library Project
  8. CLNE0039 - MSc Research Project
  9. CLNE0033 - MRes Research Project

Taught modules will be assessed by a mixture of short-answer, MCQ exams and open-book / timed essays.

The library project will be assessed by a (5,000 word) dissertation.

The research project is assessed by a (10,000 word) dissertation and viva examination (oral presentation)

Methods of teaching/learning:

Most of the teaching is delivered on one day per week.

  • Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Practicals
  • Library skills training
  • Neuroimaging training

Examples of skills gained throughout the programme:

  • Formulation and testing of hypotheses using appropriate experimental design
  • Interpreting data and evaluation information from a variety of sources
  • Planning, execution and writing-up of an extended piece of original research
  • Use of specialist technologies