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Randomised Controlled Trial

To test the effectiveness of the 'Live Well with Parkinson's' facilitated self-management toolkit a Randomised Controlled Trial is now underway. The toolkit aims to enable personalised care for community living people with Parkinson's, to reduce diability and preventable hospital admissions, and to improve quality of life. Interviews with a sub-sample of participants and their carers will also conducted, as well as a process evaluation. The aims of this RCT are to:

  1. Determine the clinical effectiveness of the 'Live Well with Parkinson's' intervention through a definitice Randomised Controlled Trial, with internal pilot.

  2. Determine the cost-effectiveness of the intervention from the perspective of the NHS and personal social services.

  3. Determine the factors promoting or inhibiting implementation of the toolkit in the NHS. 

Once data collection is complete and all findings have been synthesised and written-up, the published papers will be updated here. 

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