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PD-care meeting

Understanding the Needs of People with Parkinson’s

For work package 1 of the PD-Care programme, focus groups and interviews with people with Parkinson’s, carers and healthcare professionals were conducted and co-creation workshops were held to understand the needs of the various groups.

Using computer

Development of Toolkit

In work package 2 the information gained from the focus groups, interviews and co-design workshops were combined with systematic reviews to develop both the online and paper toolkits.


Feasibility Study

 All research conducted in work packages 3, including user testing of the online and paper toolkits with 35 participants and their carers, questionnaires and interviews of their experiences and process evaluation of intervention delivery.

Coin flip

Randomised Controlled Trial

All findings from the research conducted in work package 4, the RCT, and work package 5, the process evaluation can be found here.