UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


The Molecular NeuroPathobiology Laboratory

Grant Support (from 2010)

The MNP laboratory was supported three Cancer Research UK (CRUK) core grants, which supported my research programme from the creation of my laboratory at the CRUK London Research Institute (LRI) in 1997.

2016 The Royal Society Newton International Fellowship. Neurotrophins and the balance between retrograde signalling and autophagic flux in the axon. To O Marcelo Lazo.

2016 MRC Programme Grant. Novel and bespoke mouse models for dissecting neurodegenerative disease. MR/N501931/1. To: EL Fisher, L Greensmith, G Schiavo, A Isaacs, P Fratta, F Wiseman and A Acevedo. £1.78M for four years

2016 Horserace Betting Levy Board. Why do horses roar? From the beginning to the end of recurrent laryngeal neuropathy. To: R Piercy, A. Draper, J. Cheetham, G Schiavo, S Brown and J Perkins. £97,867 for 24 months

2016 NC3Rs Fellowship. A new Drosophila-based strategy to study mitochondrial transport and neuronal ageing in vivo. To: Dr A Vagnoni. £195,000 for 36 months

2016 The Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Training Fellowship for Clinicians “Control of receptor trafficking as a therapeutic target in the inherited neuropathies” 110043/Z/15/Z. To: A Rossor and G Schiavo. £412,604 for 36 months

2016 MNDA PhD Fellowship. Regulation of intracellular traffic by TBK1 and its relevance to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. To: G Schiavo and P Fratta. £92,842 for three years

2015 MRC Clinical Fellowship. Investigating deficits of axonal RNA metabolism and axonal signalling in ALS. To P. Fratta. £1,156,170 for four years

2015 Fondation Thierry Latran. Deficits in axonal transport as a target for pharmacological intervention in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. To: G Schiavo and L Greensmith. €117,000 for 18 months

2015 The Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award. The mechanism controlling sorting and axonal retrograde transport in neurons. £1.75M for five years

2014 Alzheimer’s Research UK – UCL Drug Discovery Institute. Lead Academic Scientist (with B. De Strooper and J. Hardy). £10M for 5 years

2014 Medical Research Council’s UK Dementias Platform (UKDP). Co-PI (UCL Chairman: T.T. Warner). £1.9M for the set-up of a new high-throughput phenotypic cell screening facility

2014 BBSRC Industrial CASE PhD Fellowship. Mechanisms controlling the axonal retrograde transport pathway. To: G Schiavo and L Greensmith. 48 months.

2013 UCL SLMS and ION Capital Equipment Fund for the purchase of a multiphoton confocal microscope for intravital imaging. £437.000

2013 Assembly of neuromuscular circuits from stem-cell derived components in vitro (R130577). I. Lieberman, G Schiavo and L Greensmith.

2013 7th Framework Programme European Commission. FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IEF. Proposal n° 329826. Assembling a functional map of axonal signalling endosomes. €212.000 for 24 months.

2012 Cancer Research UK Core grant. Understanding axonal transport and somatic sorting in health and disease. £1.50M

2011 MRC Programme grant (co-applicant with S Tabrizi). Cellular pathophysiology of prion-mediated neurodegeneration – a model for understanding protein misfolding disorders. £603,000 of which £7,175 to GS.

2011 Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowship (to Dr A Twelvetrees). The Welcome Trust. The coordination of MT-dependent motors during axonal transport. £250,000.00 for 48 months

2011 BBSRC Industrial CASE PhD Fellowship. Modifying axonal transport as a therapeutic strategy for ALS. To: G Schiavo and L Greensmith. £84,000 for 48 months.

2011 Weizmann UK Joint Research Program. Motor-Driven Transcription Factors in Injured Nerve – How Fast Can They Go? To: M. Fainzilber and G Schiavo. £29,994.41 for 24 months to GS.

2011 Tokyo University of Science. Travel grant to visit the laboratory of Prof T Nakamura. ¥300,000.

2011 7th Framework Programme European Commission. FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IEF. Proposal n° 252860. The role of Rab7 in axonal retrograde transport and human pathologies. £146,786.93 for 24 months.

2010 MRC Industrial CASE PhD Fellowship. Neurotrophic receptor p75 and its role in neuropathic pain. To: G Schiavo and S Westbrook. £92,317 for 48 months.