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Anna Kuppuswamy

Anna Kuppuswamy

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

I am a physiotherapist and a neuroscientist. I am interested in studying movement, especially how the brain controls movement, what goes wrong in the brain when someone looses the ability to move and how we can restore movement.  

Neurophysiology of Fatigue After Stroke (NeuroFAST)

Currently I am interested in understanding the mechanism of fatigue in stroke patients.

A large proportion of stroke survivors complain they feel “tired”.We know that fatigue is experienced due to a combination of changes in the muscle and in the brain regions that control the muscles. In this study I will be testing the idea that fatigue occurring after stroke is due only to changes within the brain regions controlling the muscles.

I will be studying 142 patients over the next 3 years. I will be recruiting stroke patients who have or had difficulty in moving their limbs to participate in my study. Patients who have had a stroke within the last 3 to 9 months interested in taking part in the study please see the project page or see the Volunteer Advertisment (pdf). 

Selected publications

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PhD (2009) - Imperial College London, UK

MSc (2003) - University College London, UK

BPT (Physiotherapy - 2002) - Madras Medical College, India


2016-2021 - Sir Henry Dale Fellow, Wellcome Trust and Royal Society

2015-2018 - Co-Investigator, Stroke Association project grant, UK

2012-2015 - Senior Research Training Fellowship, The Stroke Association, UK

2010-2011 -  Knowledge Transfer Fellowship, ESRC, UK

2009-2010 - Visiting Fellowship, National Institutes of Health, USA

2006-2009 - PhD, International Spinal Research Trust, UK

2003-2005 - Research Assistantship, International Spinal Research Trust, UK

2002-2003 - HSBC Educational Trust India Fellowship, UK/India

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