UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


We offer the following services: 

Histological techniques

Specimen dissection (cut-up), processing, sectioning and staining. The laboratory is equipped to process large quantities of blocks and slides  

Immunohistochemical techniques 

Facility for high throughput (up to 180 slides per day).  We are offering a large repertoire of antibodies for paraffin sections, (100+ antibodies optimised for human and 50+ antibodies optimised for murine targets, in particular the central nervous system). On special request we can carry out multicolour immunofluorescent stainings on paraffin sections. 

More details and high resolution interactive slides see here ....

In situ hybridisation 

with the RNAScope probes from ACD biosciences. Customers order ACD RNAscope® Probes (double "ZZ" oligo probes designed to hybridize to their specific RNA target of interest). Each target RNA is designed with 20 double Z probe pairs over a 1 Kb region.  Probe for virtually gene can be designed. Price on application. 

synaptophysin in situ hybridisation with RNA Scope prepared at IQPath 

We provide advice to researchers 

on histological analysis, in particular of the brain, and the spinal cord, on specific request

We will offer frozen sectioning services in August 2021

What does it cost?

The facility offers an attractive “pay as you go” cost structure, with no tie-in and removes the need for expensive local equipment and infrastructure. See examples of typical small or mid-scale projects here