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General Neurology for the Specialist: UCL Queen Square Division of Clinical Neurology Away afternoon

29 November 2019

The UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology’s Division of Clinical Neurology is the academic home for both ION academic neurologists and NHNN neurologists. The division aims to promote academic research and teaching and provide ongoing education for all neurologists

clinical neurology away day

To achieve the latter aim the division runs the very popular weekly Gowers round and a yearly half day meeting on “General Neurology for the Specialist”.

Many Queen Square neurologists are highly specialised and this half day is an opportunity to keep up to date with advances in all aspects of neurology taking advantage of the unsurpassed expertise available in Queen Square.

The 2019 annual meeting, attended by 66 consultant colleagues, was held at Chandos house on the 28th November and once again delivered an exciting and varied programme of talks which promoted excellent discussion.

The meeting opened with a sobering review of the infections complications of MS therapies and the need for prophylaxis when using immunotherapy by Wallace Brownlee and Mike Lunn. The subsequent discussion resulted in the agreement to set up an across speciality committee to have oversight and share experience on immunosuppression in Queen Square. Kailash Bhatia gave an excellent talk on new treatments for hyperkinetic movement disorders which as always was informative and beautifully illustrated.

One of our newer consultants, Diego Kaski, enthused everybody with a great talk on vestibular neurology and his passion for the subject earned him universal support for his vision for academic vestibular neurology in Queen Square. Richard Sylvester gave a riveting (and at times horrifying) account of his experiences from his sports medicine clinic of head injuries in a variety of sports including rugby, football and bobsleighing (the most dangerous of all sports!). His videos of real injuries occurring in matches ensured that everyone was happy to engage in the gentle sport of having a drink after the meeting. Richard was followed by Tom Foltynie with an impressive account of the advances in deep brain stimulation.

Gary Price rounded off the day with an insight into functional disorders and what the neuropsychiatry team in Queen Square can offer.

The day finished with a drinks reception where everyone had the opportunity to circulate and catch up with colleagues. A unique aspect of this meeting is the spirit fostered by having a meeting restricted to consultants where people feel free to ask any questions and be very frank in their views. This is much appreciated by all and results in high and repeated attendances with benefits for clinical practise and research.  The division is grateful to both ION and NHNN for their support for this meeting.

Dr. Diego Kaski, Consultant Neurologist. “To co-habit close to great minds is the best kind of education. This was a fabulous event, with eye-opening and informative talks through the vast ocean that is Neurology”
Prof Martin Koltzenburg, Consultant Neurophysiologist “thank you very much for organising this day! The turnout – more consultants compared to any other event – including the annual dinner says it all. A highlight fixture in the annual calendar.”

Professor Mary M Reilly,
Head of Division of Clinical Neurology,

UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology