UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Queen Square Inaugural Lectures

25 September 2017


UCL Institute of Neurology is pleased to report on its latest set of inaugural lectures held on 21st September 2017

  • Professor Jernej Ule (Professor of Molecular Neuroscience): "How the assembly of protein-RNA complexes guides their regulatory functions"
  • Professor Tom Foltynie (Professor of Clinical Neurology) : “Improving the treatment of patients with Parkinson's disease”

This is the fourth set of lectures the Institute has hosted so far this year.

The final lectures of the calendar year will be held in November 2017

"Joining the UCL Institute of Neurology has opened up a world of new opportunities to my team. We formed exciting joint projects with colleagues at the Institute, and thereby started to address new roles of RNA biology in the functions and dysfunctions of the brain. I’m honoured to be part of the shared vision of this great place."  Professor Jernej Ule
"I have been fortunate to be surrounded by so many talented people at UCL ION. This Institute is a veritable factory for neurological discoveries, and I hope to continue to add to its success by translating basic science findings into useful therapies in patients with neurological diseases.” Professor Tom Foltynie

    Left to right: Professor Hanna, Professor Ule, Professor Foltynie, Professor Limousin

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