UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Information Skills Training: list of courses

Our courses are for staff and students of UCL and staff from UCLH. We offer:

Regular courses

Full training sessions

These training sessions run monthly for most of the year and aim to help you to develop your skills and to take full advantage of the search tools on offer, as well as offering a chance for hands-on practice. See our training calendar for dates and times. The regular courses cover the following topics (we can offer occasional courses in other topics too, so please let us know what you need to know!).

  • Search skills focusing on Pubmed
  • Search skills focusing on OvidSP databases (includes Medline, Embase, PsycINFO)
  • Introduction to Endnote
  • Introduction to Mendeley

Lunchtime Demo Sessions

These are short 'taster' sessions lasting only 30 minutes. They aim to give a quick introduction and do not offer any hands-on practice or time for complex queries. If you require more in-depth support or training, you should book one of our longer courses. See our training calendar for dates.

Induction sessions

For staff and researchers: the library offers brief library orientation and induction sessions for all new members of staff and researchers at the UCL Institute of Neurology and the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery. Just come along to the library when you have a moment. For NHS users, bring your ID and a proof of your home address and we will register you to use the library, give you a quick tour of the library space, introduce you to the resources available in print and online.

For students: in October, the library offers new ION taught postgraduates will give you an introductory orientation plus a Search Skills lecture, followed up by dedicated hands-on practice sessions. Look out for an email with more information. You will also find details in your timetable and on our training calendar. If you arrived late, please come along to one of our induction pop-in sessions in October (details are in our training calendar). You can also visit UCL Library Services' Getting Started site. 

One-to-one sessions

  • Developing your search - We can offer one-to-one assitance with developing your search. Please contact us to make an appointment and also see details of our literature search service for clinical staff. 
  • Your publications: UCL Research Publications System (RPS) - We offer one-to-one assistance with registering your publications in the UCL Research Publications Service (RPS). You will learn how to check & edit your list of publications within RPS, how to adjust your profile settings to optimise the auto-retrieval of your publications from PubMed, Scopus & Web of Science. Also see our online guide to RPS and our publications page.
  • Exploring your publications impact - We offer one-to-one assistance for research-active staff & research students who wish to explore the 'impact' of their own & others' publications using bibliometrics. Bibliometrics can be an important part of demonstrating the value and quality of research and focuses on measures such as citation counts & h-indexes, using Web of Science & Scopus. For more in-depth information, visit the UCL bibliometrics website.
  • Critical Appraisal - we do not currently offer critical appraisal training - please contact us for advice if you need help with this and also see some suggested tools for critical appraisal.