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Research Publications Database (RPS)

All UCL authors are required to maintain a list of their publications in UCL's Research Publications Service (RPS).

Go to the RPS (requires UCL login)


5 RPS top tips

  1. Logging in - you will need a UCL username and password to log into the RPS.
  2. Search settings - check your settings carefully as they affect which publications are automatically imported into the system for you. Ask for advice if your publications are missing or if you are receiving publications that do not belong to you.
  3. Pending items - you should regularly check your 'pending' publications and either claim them as 'Mine' or mark them as 'Not Mine'. An email alert will let you know when there are pending items for you.
  4. Maintain your list - keep watch on your list of publications, checking for errors and adding missing publications manually as required. If your RPS list is incomplete, your IRIS list will also be incomplete and your publications will not be eligible for the next REF.
  5. Deposit full text - UCL authors must upload publications via RPS. This deposits them into UCL Discovery which is necessary to make them eligible for the next REF. This applies to publications accepted since April 2016. Please follow the instructions on the UCL Open Access pages.

See also

  • Enhanced RPS access for HoDs & DAs - requests for enhanced RPS access should be referred to the Open Access Team.
  • IRIS - UCL's research portal (IRIS help is available).